What is Spoken English?

English is the most important global language of the twenty-first century – and a must for any student or professional looking to advance in their career! ‘Spoken English’ encompasses the various elements of the language that are required for communication, useful in both spoken and written modes. In order to claim to have knowledge of a particular language, you must know a wide variety of words and when and how to use them, how to form grammatically correct sentences, and accordingly ensure that your listener understands what you say, clearly and coherently. If you are hoping to improve your English skills in order to achieve your goals, these are the aspects of English that you need to learn well… here at Hurray, our Spoken English Training covers all these elements and more!

Why do you need Spoken English Training?

In today’s day and age, good English skills are a major asset. Regardless of what field you are targeting – the corporate world, IT or engineering, knowing Spoken English can benefit you. Why?

Here are our Top reasons:

1. Here are our Top reasons:

With good English skills, you would be an asset to any company! English communication is required for the smooth running of most companies. Even if you are a freelancer, it is easier to find good work when you know English. By speaking well in English you can automatically make a good impression on any interviewer or potential client.

2. English is the lingua franca of the 21st century!

A lingua franca is a language that allows people who speak different native languages to communicate. Today, over 2 billion people speak English worldwide! If you improve your English, you would be able to comfortably travel, study or work anywhere, and even build international networks.

3. Greater access to information and learning

A majority of books and websites are primarily in English. Even books in other languages are first translated into English! Most online courses which teach everything from website design to coding are in English. So, if you understand English well, you have so many more opportunities to learn new things and grow!

4. Access to a world of entertainment!

Once you know better English, you will find many options for entertainment – whether you like books, comics, films or TV! Even those from other countries, like Japanese Manga or Korean Drama are accessible… Why? You guessed it – they’re all translated into English!

5. Learning a new language sharpens the brain

This is a proven fact – memory, attentiveness and problem-solving skills are all improved when you learn a new language, because different parts of the brain start getting activated.

6. You will be bilingual or multilingual

If you are thinking of learning English now, it means that you already know one or two other languages well – with English, you can become multilingual. Being multilingual is considered a major asset in the professional world!

7. Make new connections!

Living in India, you know that there are hundreds of languages spoken by your countrymen. However, a lot of them also speak English! Once you have a good grasp over English you can connect with people from anywhere in the country and build your network.

As you can see, there are so many benefits of learning English!

Key Features of Brahmastra Academy’s Spoken English Training

We have over a decade’s experience in English training, and we pride ourselves on delivering high results.

This is what sets us apart:
  • Spoken English program including explanations, practice sessions, jam sessions and presentations
  • Audio-visual aids used to improve the listening skills of the students
  • Plenty of practice sessions for bettering writing and speaking skills, built into the program
  • Individual attention for each student
  • In-house resources for bettering writing, reading and speaking
  • In-house resources for improving writing, reading and speaking
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